Burling Valve ToolReg®

Pre-set inline miniature safety regulator for use with pneumatic tools & equipment

The ToolReg® is a miniature pre-set safety regulator for pneumatic tools designed with automatic secondary pressure relief functionality. This safety regulator is operated by an independent piston and can be installed into most compressed air systems. It is intended to supply a constant and consistent ouput pressure regardless of pressure changes and fluctionations on the inlet.


When installing ToolReg® on pneumatic tools, the device should be mounted directly on the tool to ensure the correct pressure delivery to the tool. By installing ToolReg® directly onto the tool, the possibility of pressure drop in hoses and tubes is eliminated, resulting in consistent results, extended tool service life and proper functionality. Plus, with ToolReg®, all residual pressure is automatically relieved when disconnected from the compressed air supply line. This prevents the unintentional actuation of the tool, which has the potential to result in damage to people and property.


See below for ToolReg® specifications and advantages.

ToolReg® Advantages

- Automatic secondary pressure relief

- Protection guaranteed, no residual pressure

- High flow performance (up to 105 scfm)

- High pressure performance (P1 up to 363 psig)

- Saves energy and reduces costs

- Tamper proof

- Increases tool service life

- Protects people and property from damage

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