Burling Valve SaveAir®

Pre-set inline miniature safety regulator for pnematic tools and pneumatic systems

The SaveAir® is a miniature pre-set energy saving safety regulator intended for installtion in most compressed air systems. The output pressure of the SaveAir® is determined and pre-set at the factory when manufactured preventing anyone or anything from modifying, adjusting or tampering with it once installed at your location. This device will always deliver the constant and consistent pressure to the process, even as supply pressure fluctuates.


The SaveAir® was designed to prevent Dynamic Pressure Waste in your process. Dynamic Pressure Waste occurs when the pressure and/or flow is unnecessarily higher (than the manufacturers recommended pressure) at the point of withdrawal. Dynamic Pressure Waste can be very costly and difficult to control, but with SaveAir®, Dynamic Pressure Waste becomes a thing of the past.


See below for SaveAir® specifications and advantages.

SaveAir® Advantages

- Supplies tools with correct pressure

- No pressure gauge needed

- Prevents compressed air waste

- Saves energy | Reduces cost

- Highly reliable

- Tamper proof

- Small and compact

- Increases tool service life

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