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Safety Regulators

Pre-set miniature safety regulators designed to protect personnel, tools and facilities

As a brand of Proportion-Air, Burling Valve offers the Protect-Air USA line, a complete safety regulator line designed to protect personnel, tools and facilities from compressed air misuse and mishaps. All pneumatic tools and devices are designed to accept a maximum input supply pressure for proper operation and tool life. but, all too often, pressure is increased beyond the device manufacturer's recommended pressure, resulting in dynamic pressure waste, decreased tool life and increased potential for injury to employees and operators.


This same concept can be applied to almost all compressed air, water and other fluid systems. The safety regulators below are intended to prevent dynamic pressure waste and potential injuries. All of these devices are very affordable and can produce dividends immediately after installation because they are all factory pre-set, which means they cannot be modifed, adjusted or tampered with in anyway.

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