Pressure Reducing Regulators

Pressure reducing regulators are designed to accept an inlet pressure (P1) and reduce this inlet pressure to a specific output (P2) pressure. The Burling Valve regulators can be configured to control the pressure of various gases and liquids accurately and repeatably. Ranging in sizes from 1/2" up to 6" flange mount, the Burling Valve pressure reducing regulators are available with dome-loaded, spring-loaded or mechanically piloted version.


Dome-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulators


Pressure Reducing

The simplest dome-loaded pressure reducing regulator or 1:1 mimic valve. The loading signal essentially equals P2. Perfect for tank blanketing, steam control and many other applications.


Pressure Reducing with Return Spring

The same as the BD3 model except with a bottom return spring for proportional band control. Used when a "closed-loop" or feedback to regulator is generated. Excellent for use with electronic pilots.

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Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Regulators


Pressure Reducing

The simplest spring-loaded (direct acting) pressure reducing regulator. Perfect for chemical and all simple process applications and industries. Most fluids and medias.


Pressure Reducing, Differential

Using a sealed differential chamber instead of the simple BS1 chamber, produces a differential pressure reducing valve. Perfect for seal pressurization applications, spring atomization and spray tower applications.

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What gases can Burling control?

Acetylene (C2H2)


Argon (Ar)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Chlorine (CI)

Dry Ice (CO2)

Helium (He)

Hydrogen (H2)

Methane (CH4)

Natural Gas

Nitrogen (N2)

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Oxygen (O2)

Propane (C3H8)

Sulfer Dioxide (SO2)

Many Others

What temperatures can Burling work with?

Temperature Limits:

-425°F (-254°C) to 480°F (249°C)

What liquids can Burling control?

Cryogenic Fluids

High Pressure Oil

Hydraulic Fluid

Lube/Hot Oil

Saturated Steam

Sour Gas

Water (Demineralized)



Mineral Spirits (Naptha)

Caustic Soda

50-60% Sulfuric Acid

Fuel Oil



Many Others

What pressures can Burling work with?

Max Inlet Pressure: 3,000 PSIG (207 Barg) @ 100°F (material specific)

Max Outlet Pressure: 3,000 PSIG (207 Barg) @ 100°F (material specific)

What are Burling's Cv Ratings?

Controllable Pressure Reducing Cv Range: 4 to 220

Burling is also an excellent regulator that is used often in Tank Blanketing applications controlling precisely in inches of water column

Some of the largest CVs in the industry


Elastomeric Diaphragm

Metal Diaphragm

Cv of Burling Pressure Reducing Regulators

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