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How You Can Save Money By Going Green in the Workplace

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At Burling Valve, we help companies get the job done while also protecting the environment. For example, our work in ammonia services aids power plants to clean their immediate vicinity, benefiting both the employees and protecting the air.

We realize, however, that not every company has ways they can improve their processes day-to-day for better environmental benefit. But on a small, corporate scale, employees can take daily steps that not only help the world around us, but offer monetary and efficiency benefits that improve the bottom line.

Here are some tips to get started.

Digital Moves Forward

Even though our digital systems draw power, we sometimes underutilize them by printing off physical copies of documents and passing them around the office. Of course, there are cases where it's absolutely necessary to provide a hard copy of a report, but by reducing paper usage, companies can save a significant chunk of money.

What's great about today's technology is that there are a large variety of tools that were once reserved to the physical world. It's now easier to mark up documents, send quick communications, and create reminders digitally, allowing you to use, throw away, and order less paper. And through a more robust online system, printer and ink costs will greatly diminish.

Services like Slack, Google Drive, and PDF Expert all offer ways that make editing and sharing files much easier, and in many cases, the best software is free. By using the devices we already have on our desks to the full advantage, convenience can be maximized.

Smart Tech Emerges

A rule of thumb for companies is that cheaper is better, and with smart tech, the saying rings true. But what if devices like LED light bulbs and smart thermostats could save you money *and* provide a better experience?

As companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon bring smart devices into our homes, third-party creators are developing devices that can work wonders in the workplace. LED bulbs, for example, can be used with or without "smart" technology; whichever model is purchased, though, is likely to save you money, as these bulbs draw less power while also lasting much longer. By linking these up with Apple's HomeKit, the Amazon Echo, or Google Home, you can use your voice or cell phone to set up the lights in a way that will provide more useful and intelligent lighting for your company.

Thermostats like the Nest can also make a big difference, especially for small business--by linking up your phone to the Nest, you can alter the temperature, set schedules, and more. Doing so allows for more control over how you're consuming energy, which can translate into more conscious usage.

Government Rebates

Through initiating energy-efficient solutions in your workplace, you may qualify for rebates from the government. By meeting requirements set out for your particular state, you can become eligible for money back for your initiatives.

You can find more information about government rebates at


Making sweeping environmental changes aren't always easy, but the suggestions listed above offer tangible, monetary benefits that will leave leadership and customers feeling better about their purchases. Though small, these solutions can make a huge impact on your bottom line and help you feel better about your company's footprint.

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