Burling Valve HoseGuard®

Pre-Set Inline Flow Limiting (air fuse) Safety Regulator

The HoseGuard® is an automatic flow sensing safety regulator designed to be installed with any air hose or compressed air line. This device offers very simple but highly effective protection in the event of a broken compressed air hose or air line.


When a compressed air line breaks, snaps or ruptures, the HoseGuard® immediately senses the increase in flow beyond it's designed pre-set limit and instantly shuts down the flow, eliminating potential damage to personnel and equipment from a hose dangerously whipping around. The maximum volume is pre-set at the factory and allows normal air consumption to meet the demands of air tools and other pneumatic equipment, but this can be changed, modifed or tampered with once installed, locking in the safety.


See below for HoseGuard® specifications and advantages.


HoseGuard® Advantages

- Protects personnel, machinery & facilities

- Maintenance friendly

- Repair possible during plant operation

- Compatible with all pneumatic systems

- Can be used as a flow blocker

- Lightweight and compact

- Tamper proof

- Complies with OSHA & MSHA Regulations

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Recommended Air Hose Lengths
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