Burling Valve FluidReg®

Pre-set inline miniature safety regulator for fluid and compressed air systems

The FluidReg® is an independent membrane safety regulator designed for installation in most fluid and compressed air systems. This product ensures a constant and consistent output pressure even when supply pressure fluctuates. The output pressure is pre-set by the factory at the time of manufacure and cannot be adjusted, modified or tampered with once installed.


In most compressed air, water and fluid systems, it is well known that pressure is set too high, has a tendency to vary according to buidling height and can fluctuate depending on demand or delivery. The FluidReg® will provide downstream protection for all equipment and components by delivering the correct pressure all the time.


See below for FluidReg® specifications and advantages.

FluidReg® Advantages

- Reduces energy consumption

- Service free: no adjustment ever needed

- Easy to mount in most water supply systems

- Extension by sprinkler equipment

- Highly reliable

- Locked to prevent pressure changes

- Lightweight and compact

- Increases tool service life

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