Burling Valve EcoReg®

Pre-set inline miniature safety regulator for water and fluids

An independent diaphragm safety regulator designed for installation in most fluid systems. This product ensures a constant and precise output pressure independet from the inlet pressure fluctuations. The output pressure is pre-set at the time of manufacure and cannot be adjusted, modified or changed.


The EcoReg® is made of Grivory GV-5 FWA - ideal for critical application areas such as drinking water, food industry, medical industry, etc. Conforms to the DIN 50930-6/FDA/EU drinking water directives and other regulations.

The regulator ensures that a constant pressure is always maintained, despite the normal pressure fluctations in a system. To avoid unnecessary loss of pressure in long pipes or hoses, the regulator has to be mounted as close as possible to the point of consumption.

EcoReg® Advantages

- Reduces consumption

- Reliability

- Tamper Proof

- Lightweight, compact contstruction

- Easy to mount into any water supply system

- Extension by sprinkler equipment

- In compliance with Food & Feed Code of Law

- Increases tool service life

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The EcoReg complies with NSF/ANSI 169 and all applicable requirements.
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