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Dome-Loaded Pressure Regulators

The BD-Series, dome-loaded pressure reducing (and backpressure) regulators can be used to control most industrial gases and liquids. By supplying a reference pressure (with compressed air or other noble gas) to the dome of the BD-Series, the pressure of the process media can be accurately controlled to your process. The reference pressure can be supplied directly, with additional manual regulator or electronically. 


Dome-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulator

The simplest dome-loaded regulator or 1:1 "mimic" valve. Pressure is applied (loaded) to the dome of the BD3 to produce an output pressure (P2) equal to the loading pressure. 


BD-Series Installation & Maintenance


Dome-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulator with Return Spring

The BD4 is the same configuration as the BD3 except, the BD4 implements a bottom return spring for proportional band control. This is used when a "closed-Loop" or feedback to the regulator is generated.


BD-Series Installation & Maintenance


Dome-Loaded Back Pressure Regulator

When upstream (P1) pressure needs to be controlled, the BD6 is configured with back pressure trim to create a dome-loaded back pressure regulator


BD-Series Installation & Maintenance


Dome-Loaded Pressure Reducing Regulator

The BD9 is employed when membrane compatibility or temperature is an issue. The BD9 offers the same Cv as the elastomeric version


BD-Series Installation & Maintenance

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BD3 Drawing

BD4 Drawing

BD6 Drawing

BD9 Drawing

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