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Direct Acting Pressure Regulators

The BS-Series, direct acting pressure reducing (and back pressure) regulators can be used to control most industrial gases and liquids. A specific spring range is used to set pressure in the main process. This spring is adjustable within a range of force that equates to the range of desired pressure control.


Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Regulator

The simplest spring-loaded (or direct acting) regulator. The spring can be manually adjusted and will maintain a consistent P2 pressure.


BS-Series Installation & Maintenance


Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Differential Regulator

Using a sealed differential chamber instead of the simpler BS1 chamber produces a differential pressure reducing valve. The BS2 is excellent for seal pressurization, spring atomization and spray tower applications.


BS-Series Installation & Maintenance


Direct Acting Back Pressure Regulator

Replacing PRV trim with back pressure trim produces our simplest direct acting back pressure regulator. The BS5 is excellent for pump discharge, filter and relief valve applications.


BS-Series Installation & Maintenance


Direct Acting Positive Differential Back Pressure Regulator

By using a positive bias on the spring in compression with back pressure trim, we are able to product a positive differential back pressure regulator.


BS-Series Installation & Maintenance

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