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Differential & Negative Bias Valves & Regulators

Differential pressure regulators and valves are used in applications to maintain a constant (and specific) pressure differential between the outlet (P2) pressure of the regulator and the signal pressure loaded on the diaphragm. The desired differential can be set with a spring and an air sense line can be added to the dome of the regulator to constantly follow the pressure up and down, while always maintaining the same difference in pressure.

Negative bias pressure regulators and valves operate the same way, except the spring is placed into a state of tension instead of compression.

Some of the largest CVs in the industry

Pressure Reducing Differential Regulators

Differential Back Pressure Regulators


Pressure Reducing, Differential

Using a sealed differential chamber instead of the simple BS1 chamber, produces a differential pressure reducing valve. Perfect for seal pressurization applications.


Negative Bias Differential

By placing the spring in a state of tension rather than compression, we produce a negative bias relative to the reference pressure or a negative differential regulator.

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Positive Differential Back Pressure

By using a positive bias on the spring in compression with back pressure trim, we produce a positive differential back pressure regulator.


Negative Differential Back Pressure

Similarly, by utilizing the spring in a negative or tension mode along with back pressure trim, we create a negative differential back pressure regulator.

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Common Differential Pressure Control Applications

Seal Pressurization

Differential Pressure Control

Spring loaded differential pressure regulators are used to maintain lubrication or seal media on rotating or reciprocating equipment. The differential is maintained relative to internally sensed turbine or compressor pressures.

Constant Filter Discharge

Differential Pressure Control

By using a spring loaded regulator with remote sensing, a constant discharge pressure after a filter can be achieved regardless of cake buildup.

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Flow Control

Differential Pressure Control

A spring loaded regulator with remote sensing can be used to control pressure to a known orifice to achieve and maintain a specific flow rate.

Cryogenic Pressure Build

Differential Pressure Control

Pressure building regulators can be used to maintain pressure in vapor space above cryogenic liquid in Dewar vessels. By using a light spring with low 'droop' assisted by gas pressure, a highly accurate pressure of 275 psig or more is attained. Set-point is capable of accuracies of +/-2 psig.

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