Burling Valve CartReg®

In-Line pre-set safety regulator for pneumatic tools and air guns

The CartReg® is an inline miniature pre-set safety regulator intended for use with most air guns and pneumatics tools. This device is designed with the protection of personnel, tools and equipment in mind.


The CartReg® can be installed in the compressed air supply line or directly into most pneumatic air guns and tools as a cost effective and safe means to ensure that the ideal working pressure is delivered and the potential for a safety mishap is eliminated.


See below for CartReg® specifications and advantages

CartReg® Advantages

- Safety, Safety, Safety

- Ensures optimal air tool efficiency

- Prevents compressed air waste

- Easy and simply installation

- High pressure performance (P1 up to 260 psig)

- High flow performance (up to 15 scfm)

- Lightweight

- Incereases tool service life

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